Tristar - Enhancing Lifestyles

Project Completion: 2009
Revered to be the cornerstone of Tristar initiatives, XO will top the list of hypermalls in the region and aspires to be among the top 10 malls in the country. Spread over one & a half million square feet, the property will macro-zone a shopping mall, multiplex, convention hotel, corporate offices and entertainment systems within its spaces.

In tune with global trends, each macro entity will micro-zone business districts for a uncluttered and wholistic footfall experience both to the visitor and the business associates of XO

The design and magnitude of TristarCity is futuristic and confirms only to its class of globally patterned hypermalls.

Designed by one of the Countries leading Architectural Firms, Neo Modern Architects, Mumbai, XO spares no effort in its purported delivery of a world class domicile for brands, and corporates wishing to set-up in the region.

Cushman & Wakefield, International property consultants have taken the mandate to market XO with Reliance Retail having already signed up over 2 lakh square feet.
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- km away from the Coimbatore airport
- Arterial Avinashi Road
- 1.5 Million sq.ft of sheer state-of-the-art spaces
- International quality ambience and infrastructure
- Projected as a destination hypermall
- Professional Management Team
- International quality maintenance
- Best options rentals with flexi-plan economics
- Capable of accommodating 2000 cars in its parking spaces
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