Triveni West

Best practices attract. A philosophy that Tristar integrated in its product delivery over the years. Triveni, a recent offer from Tristar in the 45 Lakhs price bank saw an overwhelming response that left many a valued customer unhappy that they missed a booking in the project. Trust Tristar not to keep you unhappy for long... then team worked hard at identifying a property that will allow all the others another chance to get closer: Triveni West - like they said it 'here's another chance" for a value for money home.
Triveni West is located right across Triveni, in the middle of Coimbatore's Software District, in Kalapatti, equidistant from Saravanampatti and the proposed Software Technology Park.

It is ten minute drive to Airport, just 9 kms from Gandhipuram Bus Station and a further 3 kms to the Railway Station, both on the same thoroughfare into the city.
  • Independent 3/4 bedroom homes ranging from 1750 to 2220 sq ft
  • Ample lung space
  • Wide tree-lined avenues providing for a lot of green cover
  • Water treatment plant, community hall, children play area etc.
  • Value for money pricing and flexi-payment options.
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