Trivani West
Kadamba Vriksa
Get inspired by nature in this true-to-nature environment. Get comfy under the trees, walk down the enchanted greens or simply lounge on your favorite rocker and suck-up the pure oxygen... its like a state-of-the-art modern home set in an abundance of nature - almost dreamlike. And, be assured that the stars have done their best into design the most luxurious and modern of homes complimenting your discerning taste.

Architect designed independent homes, built to compliment your lifestyle, luxuriously tucked away from the hustle of the city, yet a quick drive into the city.

When Tristar builds a home for you, be sure of the ‘legacy of trust and the commitment to quality’ that is hallmark of every Tristar project.

So choose to be inspired. We are sure our prices will make it more inviting.
Tridev is located in the heartland of the city's nature through - Vedapatti. 15-20 minutes drive off the Gandhipark - Thadagam Road on the Thondamuthur road or from RS Puram and you are in your elements with nature.
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