Tristar - Enhancing Lifestyles

Our Social Commitments
‘The well-being of a company is in tangent to the well-being of its societal environment’ is a philosophy that Tristar has religiously adopted in its societal commitment programme. Ensuring that all its lifestyle spaces incorporate top-of-the-line social spaces, unifying entities that bring the residents together is the hallmark of its societal compatibility.

In its ambition to enhancing its societal contribution, Tristar, will soon place its thumbprint on an Indian School of International Standards incorporating concepts of ‘Guru-shishya’ learning in the delivery of its curriculum.

Also to come is a temple dedicated to trees, encrypting the Vedic affiliations of trees, plants and nature, spread across an expanse of land donated for the purpose. The temple will incorporate the spiritual wholeness of Indianess and its strong identities with nature.

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