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What is the climate condition and other features of Coimbatore?
Climate and environment
Because of its proximity to the hills of the Western Ghats, Coimbatore enjoys an excellent climate throughout the year. It has good air quality, in spite of heavy industrialized. Most industries are engineering based (less polluting) and there is no toxic spewing or waste dumping factories.

Water resource is self sufficient and the taste and pureness of drinking water is at par with the global standard.

Coimbatore City is well connected with other parts of the country by air, railways and an excellent road network. An international airport is serving the city, which is located on Avinashi road at approximately 10 kms from the city center. It is also well connected with rail service to various parts of the country. The city is connected by an excellent road network with Kerala and Karnataka.

How coimbatore edges over the other major cities?

  Coimbatore Madurai Trichy Salem
Industry highest in state Low Medium Medium
Environment Cleanest in state Low Low Low
Economy Highest revenue Generating Dt. Low Low Low
Education 2nd best in state Medium Medium Low
Geography 3rd largest in TN 2nd largest 4th largest 5th largest
Health Top in state Low Medium Low
Overall Cbe is one among Top 10 Indian cities Low Low Low

What are the places of interest?
Ooty, Topslips, Valparai and other many places in and around Coimbatore are worth the visit.
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